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Our team works with industrial designers to ensure 3D renderings, CAD files and everything in between is in line with your vision, prior to manufacturing


Our engineering knowledge ensures that your design is manufacturable in a way that saves time, cuts costs, and can be developed in fewer parts— all while adding features that differentiate your product to consumers.


With on-the-ground support in China and a bi-lingual team in the U.S., we’re equipped to identify the best factories and ask the right questions, setting you up for success. 


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Our Roots

We spent over 15 years specializing in the design and development of innovative products for companies like Apple, Coach, HP and our own brand Agent18. To start, we built the first hard plastic iPod case in 2004; partnering with Apple world-wide. Since then we led the industry in creating electronic accessories for brands like Coach, Samsung, Barnes & Noble and Apple.


As we worked on countless projects over the years, we learned what works— and what doesn’t — and realized that our passion and strength is in helping brands build innovative, functional, and design-focused consumer products.


Our new focus at Agent18 is to guide companies through their engineering/design phase in the USA then product development and mass production process in China. We collaborate with clients on their vision, then provide design resources, industry insights and subject matter experts to deliver world-class products quickly and efficiently. We also work with teams to identify the right hires in order to guarantee a smooth product development process long after we’re through consulting. 


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